Firsts in Satellite History

October 4, 1957 The Russian Sputnik 1 is the first satellite in space. Russia becomes the first space power.
November 3, 1957 A dog named 'Laika' is the first living creature in space.
February 1, 1958 Explorer 1 is the first American satellite in space. The United States becomes the second country in space.
November 3, 1960 NASA launches its first satellite, the Explorer 8.
April 12, 1961 The first man in space.
June 16, 1963 The first woman in space.
August 19, 1964 The Syncom 3 becomes the first geostationary telecommunications satellite.
July 21, 1969 The first man to walk on the moon.
April 12, 1981 The first manned space shuttle launch.
April 6, 1984 SMM was the first satellite repaired in orbit by the space shuttle.
November 16, 1984 The first time that satellites were brought back from space by the space shuttle.

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