July 4th 1997
A Fireworks Photo Gallery
by Kevin Hecht

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It was an incredibly interesting
experience and spectacular
fireworks show at the
Louis M. Martini Winery.
Technical information: All photos full-frame unretouched (no digital manipulation.). The1+ meg jpegs were resized to download faster (the closeup shows detail). As for other technical info, the only thing I'm sure if is -- uhh,the camera was pointing 'up'. After firing the first part of the show, I ran back and was fortunate to get these shots of the finale. These are multiple exposures, the first image is probably a double exposure, and the last two images might have 3-5 images recorded on a single frame. Film: Fuji Velvia, various shutter speeds at f8. (Contax RX/Zeiss35-70mm ).
Fireworks presented by Bill Cook and crew with special
thanks to my co-fuseman Bryan Boudreaux. Fire in the hole!

Check out Bill's Web Page: www.WilliamCraigCook.com

Contact me at: Kevin@2image.com
ALL IMAGES Copyright © 1997  Kevin Hecht
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