Martini Winery Fireworks Show - July 4, 2002
 St. Helena, CA. , July 4, 2002

This was my second year helping  out with the fireworks show. I could not imagine the show being any better than last year, but it was.  "Boom Boom Billy" really did a great job. Taking some advice from Bill and "doing something you really like," I thought I'd bring my digital camera along and record some of the events of the day (and night). I have included a picture gallery of stills that has my very first attempt at capturing fireworks with a still camera. Boy is that a lot harder than it looks!


Picture Gallery (60 pics)

(Picture Gallery) Pictures from the setup, wiring and placing of shells. You can click on the thumbnail pictures in the gallery to enlarge the images.

Panorama Pictures 
I have also included a few panorama pictures for your viewing pleasure. The pano pictures use a self installing Java applet. If your browser does not support Java, try the (Plugin) link ... you may need to get the the MGI  plug-in to view the images. The plug-in can be download from the MGI/Roxio site.

Follow this link...  or you can install from the MGIViewerPlugin.exe in this folder.

(Pano Link) Placing charges and wiring. (Plugin)

(Pano Link) Placing and wiring is nearly done and plans are made for dropping the shells in the mortars. (Plugin)

(Pano Link) Shells are being dropped in to mortars and ready for the continuity check. (note: This is a 360x180 pano.) (Plugin)

(Pano Link) Working out the details ... everyone is involved. (Plugin)

(Pano Link)
Placing charges, wiring with Bonnie and Brian providing direction. (Plugin)

(Pano Link) It's really looking good. All the shells were placed in record time, and wiring went very smooth thanks to the veteran pyrotechnicians. (Plugin)


Copyright 2002, Art Serabian