2005 BMW European Delivery

Epernay, France
We spent a couple days in Epernay, the heart of the Champagne region of France. We toured and tasted at Perrier-Jouet and also Moet et Chandon, the makers of Dom Perignon.

Reims, France
This gigantic cathedral was so cold inside that we could see our breath. Kinda creepy.

Munich, Germany
The famous Glockenspiel in downtown Munich. What a beautiful day it was.

Nurburg, Germany
The Nurburgring race track is open to the public on certain days of the year, so...

Nurburg, Germany
...here we go! I bought a ticket for 15 euros (from a vending machine!), stuck it in the automatic gate, and there I was, on the longest race track in the world... 13 miles, 73 turns, and no speed limits!

Nurburg, Germany
Just checking the speedo to make sure it was working properly. ;-)

Nurburg, Germany
This was the ride of my life in a full blown V-10 Viper race car. We hit "ludicrous speed" a few times and were airborne twice... really... I mean all four wheels completely off the road surface!

Ever done a lap at Nurburgring in a BMW M3 GTR? No? Well this video
is about as close as it gets - be sure to turn up your speaker volume... Enjoy!

Nurburg, Germany
An anxious thumbs up. I was strapped in so tightly I could hardly breathe... or was it adrenaline?

Auderath, Germany
Bill and Kevin outside the Wilhelmshoe Hotel in Auderath.
Kevin is an outstanding photographer and has many more great pics of his Euro adventures here.

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